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We recognise the need of the hour – Sustainable Energy. Comprehending the harsh reality of the restricted use of Fossil Fuels, a major and prime source of producing energy, the world needs a clever and reasonable alternative. So we produce Energy efficiently and tactfully by – Waste Management, Gas, Solar and other renewable sustainable technologies.

What is Clean Energy?

According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ‘Clean energy technologies, services or processes are defined as those that broadly reduce energy consumption and enable the transition to a renewable-based energy economy. This happens by increasing the supply of Renewable Energy (RE) by improving the following:

• The efficiency of Energy Utilization at the consumer and industrial scale (EE),

• The Processes and Systems that use energy (I&R),

• The Enabling of  Energy Solutions to permeate the marketplace (I&R)’

According to above definition, the following are the sources of Clean Energy

Solar Energy

Hydro Energy

Gas Energy

Waste to Energy

Wind Energy

Why Clean Energy?

Globus Power Generation Limited realizes the true yet startling fact that energy demands of the country and of the world are increasing tremendously on a daily basis. These constant energy demands in developing and under developed countries are still being met with conventional ways of power generation, like Coal and Gasoline. These resources are not only limited and are dangerous to our environment but also will eventually run out.

At Globus Power Generation Limited, we have the perfect solution. We aim to focus on alternative sources of energy that are clean and also safe. These sources are ideal as they leave little or no residue at all and do not contribute to the rising levels of pollution. Needless to say, a healthy environment is the very foundation to improve the quality of our lives and also of our future generations. The unfortunate imbalance of nature which has led to Global Warming and other environmental hazards can be reduced and even neutralized if every person commits to our mission of producing and using only Clean Energy.

Challenges and Potential of Clean Energy

India, a developing nation with one of the fastest growing economies in the world requires a continuous and steady supply of energy. With booming industries and an envisaged dream vision of 'Electricity for all' as proposed by the Prime Minister himself, the nation’s energy demands have to be continuously tackled with.  Gujarat is the only state in country with a 24 hour electricity supply and we aim to implement this over the nation. This involves a hefty infrastructural cost that includes electrifying the homes of more than 289  million people and 31,000 villages that are still living in the labyrinth of darkness.

Moreover, the villages that are already electrified do not have steady power supply and are constantly struggling to procure the basic amenity of illumination. Surprisingly, more than 80% of Rural India is still dependent on traditional fuel for cooking which adds to the pollution problem of the country.

By 2030 we will be a nation of a whooping 1.5 billion. To sustain this high Human Development Index will require a significant and simultaneous increase in per capita Energy Demand. In order to reach to the level of Human Development Index of the developed world that we aspire to be, we must also consider the per capita energy consumption.

This lapse has to be bridged by adopting the path of sustainable development. This means that the immense generation of 5000 – 7000 Billion Units that would be a necessity 20 years from now for over half a billion Indian lives  simply cannot be met by conventional sources alone. This is because of two primary reasons:

1.   Restrictions on Energy Sources : In India we have limited coal reserves and the potential of increased dependence on imported fuel is increasing.

2. Environment Hazards:  The environmental impact of conventional sources is hazardous and has to be eradicated to establish a healthy milieu, for us and for our future as country.

Efforts of Globus Power Generation Limited

Keeping major problems in mind, like the rising levels of pollution leading to the universal crisis of Global Warming is not only dangerous for our surroundings but also life threatening.  Our consistent strive to substitute conventional and harmful sources of energy like Fossil Fuels with renewable and smart sources like Solar Power is assured to protect and safeguard the needs of our nation and of the world. We follow the philosophy of the clever use of the unlimited bounty of nature and have to be utilized judiciously so as to gain the maximum from them. We do this by strategically planning and extracting these resources from various sites from across the country that are chosen keeping many factors in mind.  Our Management and Promoters use all possible technological advances and mechanical techniques to extract these resources in the best possible way so that they are also economically viable and serve even at the grass root levels by providing them steady electricity and a source of employment.

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