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Our aim is to reduce the dependence on conventional sources of energy that affect the environment, are non renewable and will deplete in the coming years. The alternative to this is to produce green energy through waste management, solar energy and natural gas. These non renewable sources are unlimited as well as eco friendly. They provide a way out from ongoing natural calamities and improve our chances to lessen their impact.

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India in Green Energy

India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world that needs a consistent power supply. If we want our nation to succeed, we need to make sure that its energy demands are met that is required by booming industries and factories.  This energy security can be fulfilled by Green Energy which is reliable and steady.  Even the majority of our population, living in rural areas are still surviving without any electricity. The need for power has become almost indispensable today.

In another 20 years, we would be a nation of 1.5 billion and that means we would require 15 times more energy. Hence is becomes crucial to bridge this power gap in India through smart and clean energy.  Moreover, renewable energy has become a National Mission, with the ‘Electricity for All’ campaign.  It will also help in the empowerment of the power by generating employment opportunities and benefit the society as a whole is the

The RE Invest 2015 is the  first Renewable Energy Global Investors Meet & Expo organized by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). Its objective is to showcase the Government of India's commitment to the development and scaling up of renewable energy in India as a mission mode to meet the national energy requirement. It aims at a proposal to create multiple billion dollar investors in this category


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