Waste to Energy

Transtech Green Power Private Limited sees the potential of using certain wastes at produce Energy. Not only do these wastes damage the soil after harvest but cause major pollution when burnt. We can combine Agricultural and Municipal waste together to create Pellets which have higher caloric value, denser, easier to handle and increase efficiency of the power plant

This smart solution comes from combining waste sawdust, shavings, and chips remaining after lumber production and is then compacted into tiny, dense pellets, which burn more efficiently. A breakthrough from burning bio mass waste to produce

energy that is nothing more than a liability due to its pollution. This method offers an additional income for Rural families thereby generating employment opportunities.

There are two type of wastes :

1. Agriculture Waste

Agriculture waste is the residue of the harvest after every farming season. Agriculture Waste is usually burned away at the farms. This leads to pollution.

2. Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste is treated and after useful components are extracted (Glass, Metal, Rubber), the rest is dumped away and used as land fills.

Transtech Green Power Private Limited

Transtech Green Power Private Limited

Transtech Green Power Private Limited (TGPPL) is a Special Purpose Vehicle dedicated for the development of Renewable Energy projects. TGPL inherits strategic advantage and benefits available from the other companies of the Promoters but is on search to look for more companies that are willing to tie up with us, to corporate in our mission for a clean world.

We have ambitious plans of becoming a leading Green Power Company in the country and the present power plant planned is amongst the many other green power plants to that are yet to be established .We have already set up a Pilot Project of 12 MW waste to energy Power Plant at Sanchore, Rajasthan which has been operational since 2008.The Company has now gained technical expertise and successful experience of executing successful waste to energy power projects.

This has boost of the confidence level of the Management that are planning for a fast expansion. With land readily available for our use, we have registered a total 24 locations in Rajasthan and Gujarat to set up a total of 179.5 MW plants, and we are committed to achieve more.

TGPPL Overview

Land banks available at Rajasthan and Gujarat

24 Locations registered/approved in Rajasthan and Gujarat for 179.5 MW

Running  a Pilot of 12 MW at Sanchore (Rajasthan)

PPA with Rajasthan Discom

Current PPA at Rs. 6.44/unit

Can go up to 200 MWs depending on fuel availability and fuel tie supply linkages

Pelletization of Agriculture Waste and Municipal Waste

We at Transtech firmly believe that Pelletization is the key to success for Waste to Energy Plants. Our vision is to tie up with local entrepreneurs at several locations for Agriculture and Wood waste to convert them to Pellets using Pelletization Machines to produce Clean Energy.

Pelletization: Future of Waste to Energy

Pelletization is the process of compressing Agriculture Waste and Municipal Waste together to create combustible 'Pellets'. Pellets offer various advantages over conventional waste-to-energy fuel

High Caloric Value and Eco Friendly : Pellets are compressed Agriculture and Municipal Waste. Wood is also included in the mix which increases the Caloric Value. These pellets burn without releasing and toxins and have little or no residue making them extremely Eco Friendly

Low on Transportation Costs : Pallets are more concentrated form of wastes and hence result in easy transportation to the plants. Transportation costs play a prime factor in running a waste to Energy plant and in that way this technique ticks all those checkboxes.

Increased efficiency of Boilers : Pellets are ‘Clean heat’ which offer a complete substitute to other conventional fuel source (Coal, Lignite). They increase the efficiency of boilers and  even reduce the  total down time

Pelletization Machine

Pelletization Machine

Pellets: Waste to Fuel

Pilot Plant : Sanchore, Rajasthan - 12 MW

The 12 MW project has been designed, planned and conceptualized as a nodal and ideal plant having all infrastructure facilities including office and residential colony for the staff. It can provide housing facilities to more than 60 people. The total area at plant is around 50 acres.

The following additional work has been done at the plant:

Fuel shed of 40 x 60 meter for protection of biomass against rain and wind loss.

Additional capability in Boiler to take in heavy fuel upto 9 to 9.5MW during contingent situation.

Addition of another conveyer belt for feeding of heavy fuel separately along with biomass.

Purchase of Higher capacity 25 tons/ hour chipping machine called beast from the USA.

Mechanical harvester for cutting Juliflora has been imported from Denmark, which cuts Juliflora up to 3 to 4 inches thick and also chips it.

The 12 MW project has been shortlisted by MNRE as pilot project under UNPD assistance for smoothening the fuel linkages and has qualified for the receipt of 25% subsidy on fuel linkages material up to Rs.30 laks per MW.

For the 12 mw project, there is tie-up with forest department, government of Rajasthan to harvest existing Juliflora grown in Forest land near to the plant and also develop new Biomass like Juliflora, Serabania etc on barren and empty lying forest land and government land.

There is a tie up Cooperative department, Government of Rajasthan, who has majority of the farmers as members for facilitating biomass collection and integration in 4 districts of Jalore, Pali, Barmer and Sirohi where cooperative department would facilitate through their ground infrastructure and existing relationship with the member farmers for collection of agriculture biomass for the company. This is first of its tie-up and efforts in the state to jointly work out biomass collection.

Further the command area under Narmada canal network is increasing day by day and with the availability of water in the area, this area is gradually developing into an agriculture belt growing various crops through out the year.

The geographical location of this plant near to the Gujarat and Pakistan border provides a unique advantage of no fear of any competitive power plant in the future. As the government plans to cover the entire SANCHORE under command area of Narmada canal, this area has the potential to develop into a rich agriculture belt in the future. This provides unique advantage to the plant.

The company has a MOU with CAZRI, Jodhpur, and Government of India for development of plantation, primarily Juliflora in and around Sanchor. A plantation on 200 acres has already been done in the first year. Additionally the company is working in R&D for development of another fast growing energy crop with an NGO of Jharkhand and a private company of Bihar and the same is under trial.




Air Cooled Condenser


Fuel & Ash Handling System


O&M Operator

Waste Treatment Plant, DM Plant

HT Switch Gears


60 THP, Thermodyne

12 MW Bleed cum Condensing Steam, Triveni 50 TPH, GEI

132 kVA single Line

20 TPH, Rollcon

Himachal Enviro

Ensol Power Pvt. Ltd.

ION Exchange



Registered Locations

Waste to Energy : 179.5 MW

Jaipur 101.5 MW

Jaipur 61.5 MW

Dholpur 20 MW


4 x 2 MW

Bundi (MNRE)

2 MW


4.5 MW

Bundi (Lakheri) 5 MW


4 MW


6 MW


5 MW


4 MW


4 MW


15 MW

Swai M'Pur

4 MW


5 MW


15 MW

Gujarat 30 MW

Deesa 30 MW


10 MW


10 MW


10 MW

Sanchore 67 MW

Sanchore 67 MW


12 MW


12 MW

Marwar Jn.

15 MW


15 MW


6 MW


5 MW

Mr. Amitabh Tandon, Director

A business Graduate, has over 20 years experience in various project implementation from software development to telecom project implementation to agriculture project implementation. He successfully ran the agriculture operations, which primarily operates under contract farming with farmers. Under this operation was partnering with the Bharti group to meet their export requirements of fresh vegetables from Rajasthan. He is on the state government task force on agriculture development. He is member of CII national committee on crop diversification and also the member of Regional CII committee on agriculture development. Mr. Tandon is also Secretary of Rajasthan Bio Mass Development Association.

Mr. Abhay Khanna, Operations Head

Mr. Abhay Khanna has a background of Management, Finance and Economics. With more than 10 years of experience in various fields like Telecom, Infrastructure and Power. He has set up an entire division with multiple teams to install BTS and Microwaves equipments.

He has also worked extensively in Green Energy field concentrating mainly on Waste to Energy Power Generation and Wind Power Generation. A 12 MW Waste to Energy Power Plant is already operational in Rajasthan. He is extensively involved in setting up and install large number of Wind and Solar farms at multiple locations all over India.


The Operations and Management of Pilot plant at Sanchore is being done by Ensol Power Private Limted.

About Ensol Power Private Limited

In the field of Operation & Maintenance of Power Plants, Ensol Power has already carved a niche for itself in the last 6 years. At present, Ensol Power has been entrusted with Operations & Maintenance of 24 Power Plants all over India as well as abroad in Thermal, Gas and Hydro Sectors. Ensol Power's greatest strength has been its 1600 dedicated and technically top class personnel. Ensol Power is getting repeat orders from its satisfied clientele, at regular intervals-a surefire acknowledgment of its process.

Mr. Jaydeep Chakraborty

Mr. Jaydeep Chakraborty, BE. Mechanical Engineering and MBA professional From Calcutta University is having a rich experience of 25 years .He presently is heading the project team of ENSOL POWER PVT. LTD  and has contributed earlier his technical acumen in companies like BELLISS INDIA LTD and GREAVES COTTON LTD.

Mr. Pramod

Mr. Pramod, B.E. Mechanical Engineering from Ranchi University having a sound hands on working experience of 9 years  in Thermal Power Plant Operations , Utilities , Manpower Mobilisation and Turbine Servicing.

Mr. Pradeep Mohapatra

Mr. Pradeep Mohapatra , Mechanical Engineering graduate from Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar , having 9 + years of Experience in Plant Maintenance, Utilities, Project Management, Heavy Steel Fabrication, SHE, SAP, LSS & ISO/IMS Tools, Earlier worked with Orica Mining Services, as Manager-Maintenance & Utilities.

Mr. D. Bhattacharya

Mr. D. Bhattacharya, Mechanical Engineering professional from KG Engineering University ,West Bengal  having an experience of more than 36 years in running power plants, boilers, turbines and  operations and maintenance of power plants.


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